Currently, he is a lawyer and is a director partner at the Madrid Legal Legal Advocate Office, S.L.P. (MEL Advocats S.L.P.)

He has been Director of the Telecommunications Market Commission. Appointment by Royal Decree 1630/2005 of December 30 (BOE of December 31, 2005) until October 7, 2013.

He started his professional career in 1986 as an attending lawyer at the School of La Rioja and later, at the School of Madrid. In the exercise of his activity as a lawyer in La Rioja and lawyer of the Union of Farmers and Livestock of La Rioja (UAGR) as a part of employer’s representation.

Between 1989 and 1997 he was Technical Director of the Cabinet and Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of IU-IC of the Congress of Deputies and the Senate.

From 1997 to 2003, he held different positions of responsibility in the Telecommunications Market Commission, such as Deputy Director of Audiovisual, Deputy Director of Telematic and Interactive Services and Deputy Director of Market Offers. In the exercise of his responsibilities in the CMT, between 1998 and 1999 he was secretary of the Audiovisual Chapters (Audiovisual Advertising, Audiovisual Content Industry and Media – Television).

Between 2003 and 2004 he served as Secretary General of the Association for Self-Regulation of Commercial Communication “Self-control”.

In April 2004, he was appointed Adviser to the Secretary of State for Communication, from the Ministry of the Presidency, in matters of communication, a position he held until he was appointed Director of the Telecommunications Market Commission in December of 2005

He is Professor of Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at the Carlos III University in Madrid. Professor of the Master’s in Audiovisual Communication of the Public Service of the UNED. Professor of Advertising Law and Intellectual Property of the Blanquerna Communication Faculty of the Ramon Llull University of Barcelona.

Consultant of the World Bank for projects related to the audiovisual sector and telecommunications (2011 – to date):

Draft revision and recommendations on the model of public television and radio in the Dominican Republic (2011).

White Paper on Public Media, Social Cohesion and Development in Latin America (2012).

Partner-Economic Impact Study Brazilian National Digital Public Broadcasting Network Operator (RNRPD) October 2012-February 2013

Consultant on communications of the Andean Community, together with the Association of Telecommunications Operators of the Andean Community (ASETA) in the project:

“Provision of technical advisory services to design an action plan to be developed at the community level to implement mechanisms that allow a national rate through roaming, independent of the network (national or foreign) to the border areas, solving the problem of “unnoticed roaming” over mobile telephony in these areas. ” (2012).

Consultant of the International Telecommunication Union (U.T.) for projects related to the regulation of communications (at present).

He has also taught at the Complutense University of Madrid; At the National Distance Education University; At the Institute of Market Research Studies of Technology Management; At the ICADE; At the San Pablo-CEU University; And at the Universidad Anáhuac del Sur in Mexico. Guest lecturer at the University of Chile and Externate University of Colombia.

In his international career, his participation in the program of international visitors of the “Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affaire” (BECA) of the Department of State of the United States of America stands out.

He also participated as an expert in the Czech Republic in the Twiningproject “Strengthening Regulation / Enforcement of telecommunicationsAcquis” of the European Commission, for the development of a theoretical model of regulatory body for telecommunications, audiovisual and telematic services and interactive in Czech Republic. November 2001.

It is part of the Advisory Council of the Spanish Center for Subtitling and Audiodescription (CESyA), dependent on the Royal Board of Trustees of the Government of Spain and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the “Community Development” Foundation.

He has collaborated in the drafting of various legislative and regulatory initiatives in the telecommunications, journalism, and audiovisual sector, among others, the Law on the liberalization of telecommunications, the Telecommunications Law by cable, the Radio and Television law of state ownership,

The General Law on Telecommunications (1998, 2003, 2010), the Law on state-owned radio and television, the Law regulating local television by land waves, the Organic Law regulating the journalists’ conscience clause or regulations Regulator of DTT in Spain, among others.

In the publishing field, he has published numerous works (books and articles) on the right of information, the regulatory bodies of the audiovisual sector, the universal service, the public radio and television service and educational television, among others.

His doctoral theses in Law and in Information Sciences have versed, respectively, on “Legal regime of the information professional” and “Payment television in the Spanish audiovisual market”.