Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage service today. It is the first choice for a lot of users to store their files in the cloud. However despite its ease of use and app integrations, it comes with several major disadvantages regarding pricing and privacy. However, there are many great alternatives that offer greater security for a lower cost.

Google Drive is a great alternative to dropbox. It has a similar feature set and, for those tied into the Google ecosystem the ability to sync with other applications like Google Docs and Google Drive is a major plus. Pricing is similar to Dropbox with 15GB of free storage available and paid plans starting at $6/user per month.

pCloud is a great alternative. This privacy-focused Dropbox replacement is based on blockchain and uses zero knowledge encryption to ensure the user’s files are only accessible to them and their designated collaborators. There is also the option of paying one time for lifetime access to the service, making it a great option for those who value privacy above all else.

LucidLink is a fantastic Dropbox replacement for media production creatives that require remote work on large files. It eliminates the need for multiple team members to share folders and sync them. Instead, it streamlines project files, allowing you to collaborate on them instantly and across the globe. This kind of workflow is perfect for video production and other industries that depend on remote collaboration with huge data sets.