Checking out source code from version control systems like GIT hub, knowledge with cloning, pushing the code based on the requirement. Involved in Branching, Tagging and Merging of code delivery at required releases. Bad ExampleManaged development team to continuous deployment of SaaS software.

What is the best length for a DevOps engineer CV?

Job recruiters typically have a minute or less to review your CV. Glancing over a document that is any longer than a single page may be next to impossible in such a short amount of time. That is why the DevOps engineer CV sample shown here is purposefully short. It conveys all necessary information in only one page. By utilizing elements such as headers and bullet points, you should be able to draw a reader’s attention to the most important information about you, thus ensuring he or she has everything needed to make an informed decision.

You can demonstrate this attribute on the DevOps engineer resume by showcasing projects you’ve worked on. The reason this resume summary would leave a sour taste in a recruiter’s mouth is that it makes the candidate seem like they’re all talk. Experienced DevOps engineer who is looking to start a new role where my strong skill set and professional experience will be genuinely valued. I previously interviewed at Google, so I know that I am an in-demand candidate. If you are looking for an amazing DevOps engineer, keep reading to discover more about my impressive professional profile. This example is representative of how many entry-level candidates write their resume objectives.

DevOps Engineer Resume:

Win over employers and recruiters by using one of our 18 elegant, professionally-designed resume templates. Now you’re ready to deploy the main focus of your DevOps resume. In a nutshell, the employment history section needs to list your previous employment and some highlights from your time there. This may sound simple, but much like coding, sometimes it’s the simplest content that is the hardest to get right. To figure out which keywords are most important, look once again to the job ad for clues. Check out the main skills and experience being asked for, and match the language on your resume accordingly!


Maintained SSO integration to AWS Console according to company standards. Below are samples from across DevOps roles with varying experience levels and those that have worked in different types of companies.

Senior Cloud / DevOps Engineer Resume Sample

Implemented ANT and MAVEN Scripts to automate the build process on MAVEN build tools to evaluate the application manually and run the JUnit Test suites in a TDD fashion. Designed AWS Cloud Formation templates to develop customized VPC, subnets, NAT to successfully deploy the Web applications and database templates. Defined application servers on WebLogic Server, created nodes and clusters, configured Oracle JDBC provider to ensure connectivity via data source to the application. Created Azure services with the help of ARM templates and ensured zero modification in the present infrastructure during the incremental deployment. Written shell scripts to manage server process migrating applications from .Net to Python monitoring applications and server performance with Jenkins and Splunk. Creating an automated process for code builds and deployments with the help of Jenkins, Shell Script, Perl, Java, Ant, Maven, Sonar type Nexus.

Integrated ant with Shell scripts created in Bash, Shell & Kourne shell to automate the builds for the Java-based applications. Managed Web/App servers Tomcat, Apache, IIS, Weblogic & WebSphere based applications. Experience in onboarding different applications (500+) to an in-house deployment tool for automated deployments.

DevOps Resume Objective Example

Use these only as inspiration, but these devops engineer resume samples will give you enough insights into how you should craft yours to make an impact on the recruiter or the hiring manager. The first and foremost step towards landing a lucrative DevOps job is to write an impressive resume. And this guide provides you all the inspiration and resources to craft an impactfulDevOps Engineer Resume. Only include the relevant experience to the position you’re applying for. A LinkedIn profile is beneficial when there’s a lot of work experience to fill in the work history on a DevOps engineer resume. Using diverse action words in DevOps engineer resumes not only helps you demonstrate your achievements but also stand out from the crowd.

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Everything you need to know about the optimized resume format.

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