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Check out How to Export QuickBooks Online Data to learn more about the different export options available for QuickBooks Online. For a comprehensive automated backup for your QuickBooks Online account, click here. QuickBooks Online has a native backup tool in place. However, it is still not a comprehensive solution to protect all business transactions. Although it can backup company data, it cannot restore individual transactions or files.

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Then https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ the number of times between backups. Organizations can back up their QuickBooks Online data by manually exporting the company data and creating a local backup. The QuickBooks Online backup and restore tool is available exclusively for QuickBooks Online advanced users, at no additional cost. The backup and restore tool is not available for QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essential, and Plus plans.

How to export QuickBooks Online data to QuickBooks Desktop:

QuickBooks runs an automated backup every day. Once the first back up job is initiated, all the changes made to the company’s account will be tracked. In case of any deletion or unwanted transaction, the company account can be rolled back to a date before the error was made.

«The fact that QB contains a DB is irrelevant. For example, One Drive works by keeping a local copy of the files and then syncing them with the remote cloud version.» On your first point, I tried to open multiple times and checked my version , but I cannot access. As far as sharing the folder, I’m not sure how that will work for you. I couldn’t imagine that multi-user simultaneous access is going to work, as others described about the nature of the DB file.

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I appreciate you turning to us here in the Community. I’m happy to lend a hand with your backup Desktop file. When they’re done reviewing, ask them to copy and send the Tax Forms folder back to you.


Losing precious family photos or unintentionally deleting work files because your phone goes missing or your external drive stops working can be stressful. Accidents happen, but cloud storage services from Dropbox help make disaster recovery easier. When you move or delete a file in your Dropbox folder or on the web, we’ll confirm it’s the action you want to take. This ensures fewer chances that accidental data loss will occur. Relax knowing that all of your important files are safe in the cloud.

Rewind has created multiple highly-rated backup apps for other platforms and offers world-class support. It’s easy to store files from your phone in the cloud using the Dropbox mobile app. Once you’ve downloaded the Dropbox mobile app to your phone or tablet, you can create or upload files you’d like to save directly to Dropbox. Plus, any uploaded files sync with Dropbox on your iOS, Windows, and other connected devices. For more details read our how to back up iPhones article. Learn how to set up Dropbox Backup so files from your PC, Mac, or external drives are always kept safe and automatically backed up in the cloud.

Quickbooks Pro Desktop and DropBox

For more info on available accountant & bookkeeper guides options, see this article. I will be using Quickbooks on Multiple Computers. I’m new to Quickbooks but a long time fan of DropBox and working from multiple machines. I looks like that you need to wait until all files are syncronized with the Dropbox server. However, i still find the whole process not as quick as I expected. Sometimes I find that work done on another computer does not reflect on the one working on.

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Computer backups run continuously in the background and are backed up to the cloud in real time. For external drives, we’ll prompt you to back up to the cloud when you plug in your external hard drive. Dropbox – This is how I personally backup most of my clients. It’s free to the user and is completely passive. Any time a file is changed in this folder it will automatically back up to their servers.

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Find help to solve issues with creating, uploading, and sharing files and folders in Dropbox. Get support and advice from the Dropbox Community. Once done, restore the company data using the location where you saved it. Then, go to another location (e.g desktop or new folder/ location where you want to save it) paste the company file. Dropbox Backup is designed to back up your content in one direction, from your device to the cloud. If you want to edit your content after backing it up to Dropbox Backup, you’ll need to do so in the files or folders on the original device.


Go to the location where your file is currently saved. If you need your accountant to edit payroll tax forms you’ve started, send the folder that contains all of your saved payroll forms. QuickBooks asks you to enter your Windows sign-in password.

QB Desktop – Saving Company File to OneDrive

You’ll see the time and date at the top of the menu. Use the backup to restore your data from a specific date and time. It may take up to an hour to restore a backup, but it usually takes much less. The fewer data the company has, the faster it takes. Follow the steps to allow QuickBooks to create backups.


Download the Dropbox desktop app on your new computer.If you have an existing backup, you’ll be prompted to restore from your backup. Right-click the company file (with green icon before the name or .qbw at the end of the name) then choose Copy. Allow me to chime in and help walk you through changing the default save file location of your QuickBooks Desktop company file. Want to see when you last backed up your company file? Go to the File menu and hover over Back up Company.

I would only recommend storing QBD data file on a cloud storage (e.g GDrive, DBox) for the backup purpose. You should download the data file locally anytime you want to work on it, and reupload back to the cloud later. Some of our clients have said that their data files tend to corrupt when opening it direcly to the cloud.

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You come in and poof, a suspected hardware failure. A week later the computer tech informs you that it was in fact the hard drive and a new one was put into the computer. Let’s make sure that you’re using QuickBooks Online Advanced so you can back up and restore your data. This way, we can check browser-related issues while working with QuickBooks. The fact that QB contains a DB is irrelevant. For example, One Drive works by keeping a local copy of the files and then syncing them with the remote cloud version.

You can use your computer as normal while the back up is in progress. If any files fail to back up, a shortcut will be created in Dropbox called Files on my computer that will take you to their location on your computer. If you’re on a Mac, click OK when prompted to give Dropbox permission to access your folders. Check the boxes next to the folders you’d like to back up.