Bel Advocats is a Law Firm that provides all kind of Legal Services both for the field of administrative Law and also for the field of private and criminal Law.

Our working team devoted to administrative Law has an extensive know-how in free practice as a lawyer as well as experience in the field of local Administration and state Administration. As a result, all our lawyers are able to work in any of the fields of the administrative Law: zoning and urban planning,

contracts, environment, fundamental rights, public services, telecommunications and normative projects.

In addition, the private and criminal Law Departments of Bel Advocats, thanks to the professional experience of the members of those departments in the field of Administration of Justice, let us offer a very proficient advice and defence of: civil Law (contracts, family, civil liability), commercial Law (contracts, bankruptcy law) and criminal Law.


The Administrative Law Department of Bel Advocats advises private companies and Public Institutions on all subjects related to this discipline such as: urban planning and zoning, Local Government Law, financial liability of public authorities, the role of the public authorities, licenses and authorizations, public ownership, public procurement and environment among others.

In this sense, Bel Advocats has professional agreements of a permanent nature with several Public bodies (Autonomous administration, Catalan Councils, Town and City Halls, Town-planning consortiums, other local consortiums,…) and Public Catalan companies.

With regard to the Regulated Sectors (Energy, telecommunications, Audiovisual area, industrial safety…), our advice is aimed not only at private operators but also at administrations and regulatory bodies.

Moreover, Bel Advocats also devotes its activity to granting and Public Procurement (water supply, transport, hydraulic granting, awarding of a contract, financial advice for big-scale infrastructures, lease back contracts, supply, etc) by giving legal advice to all companies that could be involved in a bid for a public contract.

In terms of urban planning and zoning, our activity is specific when: drafting master plans, preparing and negotiating zoning agreements, preparing the necessary tools for zoning management agreements, licences and discipline both for private companies as well as for public administration involved in special urban planning actions and infrastructures.

Apart from the above mentioned, Bel Advocats is also focused in the application of the environmental regulations related to dumps, noise pollution caused by aeronautical infrastructures, among others

To sum up, the activity of the Administrative Law Department of Bel Advocats has a clear institutional side when preparing regulatory projects, setting up decentralized municipal authorities and giving expert opinion on the division of duties in different sectors such as water resources, harbours, environment, transport, energy, telecommunications or Administration of Justice.


By means of the Private and Criminal Law Departments, Bel Advocats, offers to its clients complete legal advice on private and criminal Law.

Within the area of private Law, Bel Advocats intercedes in legal disputes of civil and commercial Law areas.

Bel Advocats also have know-how in specific areas of civil Law such as family Law (matrimonial and filial) as well as the execution and resolution of civil contracts (rental contracts, provision of services, contract of sale…); in the field of protection of personal property, protection of basic rights and of personality rights; defence for the tax paid after the completion of an official transaction, royalties and finally in inheritance matters.
With regards to commercial Law, Bel Advocats acts as Bankruptcy administrator for legal appointments in bankruptcy proceedings, application and monitoring for tenders as well as issues related to corporate Law and corporate contract execution.

In order to offer entire advice, the Private and Criminal Law Departments of Bel Advocats take also part of criminal procedures in defence of both persons and companies. For criminal Law matters, our firm has broad experience in tax Law, health and accidents at work and; in general, Bel Advocats can deal with all issues known as criminal Economic Law and offer complete legal services in this subject matter.