Bel Advocats, acronym for Barcelona Espai Legal Advocats S.L.P, is a Law Firm that was born the 1st of January 2009 from the initiative of two old friends and university colleagues, Mr. Josep Lluis Jori Tolosa and Mr. Joan Recasens Calvo, professionals of legal services with extensive experience and knowledge in both Administrative Law and free practice of the profession. The idea was so attractive that another three lawyers and colleagues immediately joined forces to set up Bel Advocats, a company constituted by five partners.

The aim of the company Bel Advocats is to be a modern and open minded law firm able to provide a personal, prompt and efficient service to our clients. One of our main commitments is to keep and increase our clients’ trust in our management team and also solve satisfactorily their legal issues. The main features that typify Bel Advocats’ behaviour and actions are the following:

Specialization. The professional know-how and training of Bel Advocats Advocats’ expert team offers a personal and direct service to our clients. Our specialized competence lets us identify the most appropriate professional to manage and solve a legal

dispute and, of course, find the best possible solution. For those particular cases in which crossed knowledge and expertise is needed, the specialization of our working group will also let us succeed.

Professional qualification. Bel Advocats gathers professionals with a long experience in Law together with young but highly skilled professionals. Our Lawyers are strongly committed with Law as a living and ever-changing phenomenon; that means, they all have a firm will to update their knowledge by means of continual training. On the other hand, the institutionalization of internal meetings and sessions among members of our company allows us to share personal experiences that make synergies very effective.

Direct service. Bel Advocats’ vocation is to render direct service to our clients: companies, Administration and private clients. The lawyer of Bel Advocats in charge of each case will always have in mind the premise of gaining our clients’ confidence in our way of acting.