Though the facts line didn’t keep my personal focus, Ivanisin’s forceful and expressive show performed

(SLOVENKA) (director/writer: Damjan Kozole; screenwriters: Matevz Luzar/Ognjen Svilicic ; cinematographer: Ales Belak ; editors: Jurij Moskon/Andrija Zafranovic ; music: Silence; cast: Nina Ivanisin (Aleksandra/Sasha), Peter Musevski (Edo), Primoz Pirnat (Zdravko), Marusa Kink (Vesna/Aleksandra’s student Friend), Maja Sever (Aleksandra’s Mother), Uros Furst (Gregor), Dejan Spasic (Mile), Aljosa Kovacic (Peter), Andrej Murenc (Miha), Ales Valic (Professor Mrak), ic (Bank Clerk) ; Runtime: 91; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Danijel Hocevar ; Film Movement; 2009-Slovenia/ Croatia/Germany -in Slovenian with English subtitles)

Its American title is A visit Girl. The Eastern European identity Slovenian Woman hails from the newest alias the decision woman Sasha (Nina Ivanisin) spends whenever posting intercourse advertisements on the local papers. Filmmaker Dama inquiries taking the incorrect way to select a better existence right after which just after recognizing a person’s mistake applying for straight back on course before it’s too late (whereas a beneficial greenhorn loner prostitute/college or university coed is employed once the an effective metaphor for a terrible country once-run from the Communists to find a unique ethical compass when offered freedom).

In the near future other difficulties arise, once the Sasha’s scary vengeful partner off the lady home town, Gregor ( Uros Furst), uses her on the financing and informs this lady he’s divorcing their expecting wife-to-be together

Sasha is a manipulative thinking-engrossed 23-year-old college student away from Krsko, a boring small town in the Slovenia, a subway drive away from the capital town of Ljubljana, in which she goes to college or university through the day but later in the day secretly works while the good prostitute so she will be able to drive an alternative Fiat, inhabit a luxury apartment and you can live a good lives with procedure conveniences away from their unreported unlawful earnings. For some reason, never ever clarified, the school males never ever struck for her. Nevertheless the committed student has actually that school spouse, Vesta ( Marusa Kink ), the fresh nicest profile in the movie, who is stored in the fresh new black about Sasha’s nighttime activities even though she’s smart sufficient to are convinced that something’s perhaps not right-about just how a poor college student can afford like privileges San Antonio escort service.

Some thing go wrong when Sasha’s customer, a seeing very important Italian language politician on the European Parliament, enjoys a coronary arrest when she shows up for their sex conference in the accommodation immediately after providing a number of pills regarding Viagra. Because Sasha called the ambulance having assist from the comfort of a name, the authorities want to question the fresh new prostitute just who goes on brand new title from Slovenian Lady. This lady cool response is getting your to find lost. She and talks the girl strict teacher ( Ales Valic ) for the offering the woman a cosmetics test when she lays and you can tells your this woman is going through a tumefaction process. A much bigger disease arises whenever two unlawful pimps ( Aljosa Kovacic & Dejan Spasic) dangle their from the rooftop and you will jeopardize to allow her miss until she works well with them. Whenever pulled getting a journey from the them, Sasha escapes that’s compelled to take her pride and you can phone call Gregor having help. Also scared to remain alone regarding big-city, she visits this lady disheartened separated have-already been ex boyfriend-rocker dad ( Peter Musevski ) within the Krsko, who’s looking to start up their old band once again. However,, even when she likes dad on the to she can such as someone, she in the near future splits into big city because she is as well embarrassed to share with this lady dad the way it is and you may too bored stiff in the small-town to remain.

Sasha aims working as a call lady once more under yet another alias and that is wary that the pimps want the lady. Sasha’s name lady efforts are restricted because of the dangers and you may she are unable to meet with the money into the financing she grabbed away in the bank. The officious mealy-throat lender officer ( ic ) tells their she’s going to get rid of the fresh flat she mortgaged with the mortgage. From this date, anyway the woman setbacks, Sasha try disillusioned and you can filled with mind-pity, and seems she’s got zero choices but to go back to help you their home town and you may promise she will be able to see a therefore-entitled “everyday life.”

SLOVENIAN Girl (A visit Girl)

This new bleak cut regarding lifetime political facts on success any kind of time prices curious myself lower than for the analyzing life from inside the Slovenia, because it is an integral part of the country We barely discover into flick. The camera try this lady closest friend and renders their plain appears sparkle with an agony you to definitely brings about the lady pained beauty and you will the woman desperation to succeed. Though Sasha was a great materialistic, money grubbing, shallow and self-centered people, she in some way manages to get some sympathy because the she actually is thus vulnerable features the potential to live on a creative existence in the event that she find the woman long ago so you can reality additionally the facts. What exactly is scary throughout the Sasha’s college girl try out inside the prostitution, is how she can so with ease sell the woman system, rest so you’re able to possibly complete strangers otherwise those individuals next to her, and still will still be thus apathetic from the taking paid for gender and you can top a double-lifestyle. I assume the brand new filmmaker supposed to have fun with Sasha as the an icon of one’s ethos off existence from inside the post-Communist Eastern Europe, and in one experience our company is left that have a properly-considered preventive background lesson and you can a movie that is designed to be more a creeping-of-years tale.